Transcending how drugs
are delivered
Cambridge, MA-based, Strategic Science & Technologies, LLC (SST) is a privately funded, clinical stage biotechnology company with an innovative topical drug delivery technology to formulate known pharmaceutical active ingredients. The company's patented delivery technology provides targeted local delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients at therapeutic levels. Targeted local delivery has several advantages: 1) significantly lower systemic exposure resulting in an improved safety profile, 2) faster onset of action 3) avoidance of first pass metabolism and potential inactivation of the drug by the liver, and 4) more sustained and controlled delivery of the drug over time, leading to less fluctuation or sudden spikes in circulating drug levels.

SST has advanced three programs into clinical trials -- Topical Ibuprofen in Phase 3 development (targeted to be the first ever FDA approved topical NSAID over-the-counter product for the treatment of mild to moderate aches and pains), Topical Sildenafil in Phase 2 development (targeted to be the first ever FDA approved OTC product for Erectile Dysfunction and first ever FDA approved prescription product for Female Sexual Arousal Disorder).
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